In 2016, Sport Northland and the Northland Community Foundation (NCF) signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for the establishment of a Sports Endowment Fund.

NCF is a charitable trust whose core purpose is to ‘forge brighter futures through giving’ – they encourage a spirit of giving as a means of improving our community. Their goal is to give people a simple, long-lasting way for Northlanders to support their community and causes that are important to them.

As part of the MOA, Sport Northland transferred their Kauri Club Fund of $191,000 to the NCF to kick-start the Sports Endowment Fund. This fund was originally established back in 1988 when local sponsor Northern Bakeries granted Sport Northland some seed funding, and this was added to in 2000 after the family of the late Garry Frew (Sports Editor at the Northern Advocate) donated part of his estate to Sport Northland for the benefit of young sportspeople.

The fund had always been held by Sport Northland in perpetuity, the distributions of which have always been used for talent development of promising young Northland sportspeople.

Since the establishment of the Sports Endowment Fund, NCF has been instrumental in growing the fund to the current level of $238,000 through their investment partners Craigs Investments. Sport Northland now uses the distributions from the fund for the operation of the Educare Northland Sports Talent Hub, which provides talent development services, grants and scholarships to promising young Northland sportspeople to better prepare them to reach the top of their chosen sports.

Both Sport Northland and NCF encourage all Northlanders who love active recreation and sport to consider leaving a gift to the Sports Endowment Fund. Under the agreement between the two organizations, all gifts pass through NCF and into the Sports Endowment Fund and will be spent according to the donors wishes. The NCF keeps its administration costs as low as possible so your gift does not end up being used for running costs.

The gift can either be:

  • Living giving (such as payroll giving or annual lump sums); or
  • Bequests (where a donation is made from the estate of an individual who has passed away)

If you opt for a bequest, you might want to consider a named bequest (you name what the fund will contribute to), and although it will be part of the Sports Endowment Fund for investment purposes, the return from that fund will be spent according to your wishes.

Another choice is an unrestricted gift. These are added to the Sports Endowment Fund and the return on the capital sum is then used to fund the Educare Northland Sports Talent Hub for the benefit of promising young Northland sportspeople.

Your gift can help anyone in active recreation and sport – a young sportsperson, teams, coaches, children at school, adults or seniors – it’s your choice. It could even go towards sports facilities or a particular sporting code such as netball, hockey, football or swimming, to name only a few.

You can gift directly to the Fund so your gift can be used now by Sport Northland and you can receive a 33% tax credit.

Visit our donate page here: to donate by credit-card or through via bank account. Note: you will need to choose the Northland Sport Fund and then write the particular area of interest you have for the funds in the comments.

Or we can invest your gift and deliver the interest from these funds back to your local fund every year, forever! You can also gift through your Will, and it can be as much or as little as you want. See our Legal Resources page here for more information:  

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss any of these options: