Formed in 2000

About the Kauri Club

The Kauri Club was formed in July 2000 by Sport Northland, after a donation to the Trust by the family of the late Garry Frew, the legendary sports editor of the Northern Advocate and icon of Northland sport (inducted as a Northland Legend of Sport).

The objective is to support talented sportspeople in Northland and give them every encouragement to advance their sporting careers and achievements.

The Kauri Club recognises that Northland has a proud sporting history and that we need to do all we can to carry this great tradition on.  It is important that homegrown sporting talent either remains or returns to Northland to build on the history and take it to another level.

Sport Northland has operated the Kauri Club since 2000, giving away over $259,000 to promising Northland sportspeople in their quest to reach national and international standards in their chosen sport.

The Northland Sports Talent Development Panel (NSTDP) involves Regional Sports Organisation (RSOs) to help with identifying promising young sportspeople throughout the region. Through this identification, the NSTDP will be able to see the pathways that these promising young people are committed to, which will give them a broader approach to allocating scholarships.


2023 Kauri Club Scholarship Athletes Round-up by Janine Moy

Affiliation to Sport Northland

Your sport code must be affiliated to Sport Northland for you to be eligible to apply for Kauri Club Grants or Scholarships. Click here to see if your sport is affiliated.

Kauri Club Scholarships

Through the generous support of Alan and Jackie Lints in partnership with the Kauri Club, we are now offering annual scholarships over a 12-month period (November to November) to promising young Northland athletes. The maximum scholarship given out is $2,000 per year but can be less than this depending on funds available and the panel's discretion (Half paid up front, quarter on completion of updates and the remainder following the completion of the final accountability). ​​​​​​​

What Are the Scholarships For?

The scholarships are aimed at high-performing young athletes to assist them over a year with furthering their development as an athlete. The scholarship money is to be primarily utilised by the athlete to invest back into their learning and development with the aim of the athlete growing and applying their learning to their sport and throughout life.

Development services/support could include a physical trainer (gym/movement), additional coaching, nutritional support, mental and athlete life support, development camps, etc. Investment in these areas would make up the majority of how the funding is utilised - 75% and the remainder can then be used to support the athlete for other things such as travel, competition fees, gear etc. Each athlete will also be provided support and follow-up to help them optimize their funding in the development and support services by the Athlete Support Advisor.

Eligibility Criteria

For an athlete to be considered for a Kauri Club Scholarship, the athlete must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be aged 16 to 20 years

  • Must be a financial member of a Northland sports organisation affiliated to Sport Northland and be a New Zealand resident
  • Must live within either the Northland geographical region (Wellsford North) or their Regional Sports Organisation's Northland geographical region, if different, or represent Northland at their given sport
  • Must be committed to representing Northland or the sport's 'Northern district/zone' or equivalent (if no specific Northland option) for the 12-month period following the allocation of the scholarship
  • Must have already achieved a high level of competency in their chosen sport. i.e., should normally have achieved at a national level, be a New Zealand rep (age group or open) or those on the verge of New Zealand selection
  • Be endorsed by their Regional or National Sports Organisation (this will be sought as part of the review process by the Kauri Club)
  • Have the coach sign off/acknowledge of the application

Should circumstances prevail, the Northland Sports Talent Development Panel (NSTDP) may consider applicants that fall outside the stated criteria.

Athlete Requirements

If an athlete is granted a Kauri Club Scholarship, an athlete agrees to:

  • Sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the Kauri Club
  • Utilise the funds for what they were intended for
  • Engage with the Athlete Support Advisor on how the funds will be utilised
  • When required cooperate with, and/or take part in, public relations and promotional activities e.g., video for Kauri Club sponsors
  • Abstain from taking prohibited substances (knowingly or unknowingly)
  • Commit to regular communication with the Northland Sports Talent Development Panel and provide regular updates on achievements
  • Maintain behaviour and personal standards conducive to sporting excellence
  • Provide an accountability report for the funds spent

To Apply

For full application information download the Kauri Club Scholarship Information here.

All applications must be made via the online formHere

It is encouraged the athlete’s coach completes the Coach Support Information form Here

Applications are now closed. 



Your Regional Sports Organisations (or National Sports Organisations if there is no Northland RSO) will be asked to verify and endorse the information provided in your application.

For further information about the Kauri Club please contact Janine Moy at Sport Northland on 09 437 9600 or janinem@sportnorth.co.nz. 

Northland Sports Talent Development Panel

James Morris (Sports Codes) 

Arriane Christie (Whangarei) 

Cheryl Smith (Far North) 

Chris Biddles (Kaipara) 

TBC (Sport Northland)

Colleen Atchison (Whangarei) 



Bailey Edwards (Rugby/Rugby League)

Canon Puriri (Athletics)

Charlotte Thorpe (Dressage)

Charlotte van der Zwan (Equestrian)

Flynn Venmore (Squash)

Jacqui Cameron (Hockey)

Wikitoria Rogers (Rugby)