Sport Northland Board Receives Quality Tick

Nigel Brereton (Board Chair) with Jason Shoebridge (Sport New Zealand)

Sport Northland is proud to announce that it has been awarded the Governance Mark for Sport and Recreation in New Zealand from crown agency Sport New Zealand.
The award was presented to Nigel Brereton, Chair of Sport Northland by Jason Shoebridge, Deputy Chair of Sport New Zealand at the Conbrio Northland Sports Awards recently.

To improve governance in the sport and recreation sector Sport New Zealand introduced the Governance Mark a number of years ago. Developed by the sector for the sector, the Governance Mark is a robust and independently verified process that assesses the standard of governance in an organisation.

The Mark indicates the organisation is clear about its purpose and the benefits it intends to deliver to its community. It indicates that it has good governance systems in place, understands its role as distinct from management and is correctly focussed on strategy and the future direction of the organisation.

Organisations that complete the process and gain the Mark are better placed for meaningful engagement with funders and stakeholders.

To receive the acknowledgement, the Sport Northland board has demonstrated it has a considered process for development of strategy and an ongoing monitoring regime.
Board Chair Nigel Brereton says Sport Northland received the Governance Mark following a comprehensive and measured external assessment.
“Our board is delighted to receive this Governance Mark award from Sport New Zealand – we see it as a great acknowledgement to the legacy of past chairs Richie Guy and Chris Biddles, who were instrumental in developing the governance skills of the board,” says Mr Brereton.

 “Solid strategic governance is essential if we are to achieve our vision of seeing all Northlanders leading better lives through involvement in play, active recreation and sport. The Mark acknowledges our capability and recognises that we are well-positioned for the future” he says.

Sport Northland Chief Executive Brent Eastwood says that to achieve the Mark his organization was required to go through an intensive process of self-assessment, third-party independent review, governance development and reassessment.

“The achievement recognises how effective the Sport Northland board is and we trust it will give stakeholders and funders confidence that Sport Northland is well positioned to provide on-going benefit to the Northland region” says Mr Eastwood.

Since its introduction two years ago, eleven organisations have gained the Governance Mark and another 30 are progressing towards it.

Sport Northland is only the second regional sports trust in New Zealand to receive the Mark.



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